Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Beverage Maker


The Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Beverage Maker is Bosch’s version of the newest fad in coffee and tea – the single-serve. The logic is this: Why buy a cup of gourmet coffee or tea from Starbucks when you can brew a single cup at home for less than £1?

Bosch TAS6515GB Specification

Water Tank1.8L
Warranty (when new)2 year
Varieties Available12 drinks including filter coffee, cappuccino,
latte, espresso and hot chocolate
Key FeaturesSimple "push button" interface
Brita water filter included
Auto de-scaling

The Good

  • This beverage machine does make a comparable cup of coffee or tea to the gourmet stores. It can brew anything from espressos to macchiatos to hot chocolate, all with a genuine flavor. Matter of fact, the espressos and lattes are a two step process in which the coffee and milk pods are separate to produce a gourmet-level product.
  • Heat up time is no object; the flow heater technology heats water to temperature in virtually seconds. To clean the unit, it comes up with a “cleaner” pod that makes the whole process a breeze.
  • The Tassimo comes equipped with an extra large water reservoir (with a Brita filter) and to encourage customization, the brewer has a scanner that will scan each pod and vary the water level as necessary. After you get used to the flavor of certain pods, you can adjust these up or down to your own personal taste. Conserving water is not the only environmentally friendly feature; it also goes in to a sleep mode automatically so the hassle of powering down is done for you.

The Bad

  • Tassimo pods (T-Pods) can be difficult and hard to find, not to mention more expensive per cup than brewing a pot of coffee or tea. The machine itself is already a little more than £100 depending on where you find it.
  • Some people have voiced concerns that it can’t make an extra large cup of coffee, so if you’re a real heavy drinker, then it can get tedious to run the machine over and over again.
  • The technical mumbo-jumbo from the manual recommends that you replace the water filter every 8 weeks and clean the machine after using a milk-based drink. I doubt that strict adherence to these rules are necessary, but it should be kept in mind that maintenance can still be costly in time and money.

Other Thoughts

There is a cheaper version (by about £10) called the T40, but it doesn’t have a digital display or water filter. There are numerous espresso makers and coffee makers that are cheaper, but you won’t see anything that offers the variety of hot drinks like this machine.

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