Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee machines are great if you want an easy way to produce a variety of different types of coffee. Pod coffee machines, as they are sometimes known, might be seen as cheating by  true coffee lovers, but they are a great way of quickly getting a tasty cup without the effort required for espresso coffee machines.

Take a look below at our top 5 capsule machines – all for less than £200!

Firstly, what exactly is a capsule coffee machine? Instead of using coffee beans, the maker produces coffee using a “pod” which comes ready from the manufacturer. Simply add the capsule to the machine, click a button and in a short time you’ll have your coffee. Just because the machines are simpler to use doesn’t necessarily mean that they produce inferior quality – a pod is just a capsule of coffee after all. The trick is finding a capsule coffee machine that can “pull” the taste of the coffee from the pod effectively.

Top 3 Pod Coffee Machines

1. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Piccolo by Krups KP100640 Coffee Machine

One of the most popular pod coffee makers is the Krups KP100640. It has 15 bar pressure, 0.6L removable tank and thermoblock technology.

2. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto by Krups KP210040 Coffee Machine
Another NESCAFE coffee machine that’s worth considering is the KP210040. It has the same 15 bar pressure as the KP100640, but a larger tank.

3. Bosch TAS4011GB Tassimo Coffee Maker
The Bosch TAS4011GB Tassimo Coffee Maker can make 12 varieties of drink – including hot chocolate – and comes with flow heater technology to reduce heat up time.

Advantages of Capsule Coffee Makers

There are many advantages to using capsule coffee machines, but here are some of the most important.

  • The main advantage is that a capsule coffee maker is usually very easy to setup and use. There’s no messing around with grinding beans, simply add the pod and away you go.
  • Cleaning a coffee maker is much easier with a pod model, as there aren’t any beans to mess around with.
  • Capsule coffee makers tend to be relatively cheap. You can find a top quality model for less than £200 in most cases, which is a real bargain.

There are some problems though. Firstly, many capsule coffee makers will only take capsules from a certain manufacturer. This limits you to the types that the company produce. Most of the larger manufacturers will provide a variety of options, but it can be frustrating if they don’t produce the type of coffee that you want. The capsules themselves are more expensive than buying coffee for a traditional coffee machine – you pay extra for the convenience.

Overall, if you want a quick and easy way to make coffee then a capsule machine is almost certainly your best bet. There are numerous options, so you need to be careful about which one you choose. Make sure you take into account which types of coffee the manufacturer you buy from – whether it’s Nespresso, Delonghi or any other – produce so you don’t end up with a machine that’s unable to make your favourite type.

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