Kenwood Kmix Coffee Maker Cm022


By now, most people have discovered the monetary benefits of brewing their own coffee at home. Coffee shops charge ridiculously inflated prices for a simple brew, and one can achieve a product that is just as good or even better by preparing their own morning roast. This has led to a vast increase in the market for home coffee machines. People regularly search for coffee makers that are space-saving, attractive, and of course prepare an excellent cup of coffee. Continue Reading »

Kenwood CM024 Filter Coffee Maker


The Kenwood CM024 is a slightly more expensive model than the CM021 that we reviewed previously, but is it worth the extra money? This coffee machine comes with the highly stylish kMix design, as well as a six cup capacity and long lasting aluminium body. It is a filter coffee maker, and is built for simplicity as well as style. Kenwood CM024 filter coffee makers also include the ThermoGen system. Continue Reading »

Kenwood CM021 kMix Coffee Maker (Raspberry)


The Kenwood CM021 kMix coffee maker, in Raspberry Red, is an attractive filter coffee machine. Although the design is probably the most interesting thing about the kMix, that doesn’t mean it won’t produce a high quality cup of coffee. It includes ThermoGen technology, which Kenwood claim produces exactly the right temperature for brewing coffee. It also uses a one touch system to make brewing a coffee as simple as possible. This Kenwood CM021 kMix review will talk a bit about the product and its features, before moving on to what other reviews have said about it. Continue Reading »

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