Morphy Richards 47095


If you like the idea of fresh coffee in the morning then you need a machine with a programmable timer. The Morphy Richards 47095 digital coffee maker has that and more. It is a stylish, almost futuristic looking machine with a maximum capacity of 12 cups of coffee. It also comes with an anti drip device and heat proof carafe. Keep reading for more information about this machine in our Morphy Richards 47095 review. Continue Reading »

Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker


The Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker is suitable for any office or kitchen that requires a quick cup of coffee. This dual-carafe coffee maker is capable of brewing up to 10 cups of quality coffee in only 8 minutes. This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. In addition, the Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker can produce a variety of coffee styles and includes a milk frother that comes equipped with a non-stick milk jug. To keep coffee at the perfect temperature, this coffee maker comes standard with a thermostatic hotplate. An anti-drip device prevents messes and a coffee strength selector allows for the brewing of lattes, mochas, espressos, macchiatos, or cappuccinos.

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Morphy Richards 47094 Coffee Maker Review


The Morphy Richards 47094 digital coffee maker has a programmable timer, a carafe that’s heat resistant as well as a capacity of up to 12 cups. Morphy Richards claim that the 47094 is able to brew a cup of coffee in around ten minutes, so a fresh coffee is never far away. It’s also a stylish machine – although make sure you check the dimensions before you buy as it’s a relatively large machine. Continue Reading »

Morphy Richards 47070 Programmable Coffee Maker Review


The Morphy Richards 47070 programmable coffee maker (stainless steel) is a relatively cheap machine, yet you wouldn’t guess this from the way it looks. The maker comes with a programmable timer so you won’t ever miss a cup of coffee, as well as a capacity of up to 12 cups for those family occasions. Keep reading for a more in-depth Morphy Richards 47070 review of all its features, as well as what people have been saying about it. Continue Reading »

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