Cuisinart DGB600BCU Grind & Brew Coffee Maker


If you prefer freshly ground coffee beans for your coffee, then the Cuisinart DGB600BCU Grind and Brew Coffee Maker has been designed for you.  Enjoy a cup of professional quality coffee made in your own home.  The grinder is integrated, so the all in one machine is appealing for home owners, as it saves space without the need for a separate grinder. Place the coffee beans in the grinder, and pour the water into the reservoir.  You can then program the coffee maker to start when you want a fresh pot.

Cuisinart DGB600BCU Specifications

  • The Cuisinart Grind and Brew has a 10 cup capacity, perfect for most homes. It’s the right amount of coffee for the day, or for the morning if you love coffee more than some consumers. The compact design of this coffee maker is also ideal for most kitchen counters.
  • You can choose to make less than a full pot if you only want a couple cups of coffee one day, with the 1 to 4 cup selector, without sacrificing great flavour.
  • The grind off feature is available for an option to use pre-ground coffee if you choose to at times.
  • The permanent gold toned filter aids in less distortion of flavour for your coffee. It also saves money, without the need for buying disposable paper filters.
  • The brushed stainless steel material is modern in design, as well as compact.  The popular material is also easier to clean, and more durable than other materials.
  • Its carafe is insulated with a double wall, and features a vacuum sealed lid in order to maintain the heat, as well as the flavour, for hours.  You will not have to reheat the coffee if you choose to have another cup a little later.
  • There is a pause and serve feature, so you can pour yourself a cup of hot coffee before the brewing process is over.
  • The convenient charcoal water filters help to purify the water within the coffee maker, and eliminate unwanted lime build up.

Cuisinart DGB600BCU Reviews

The online reviews for the Cuisinart DGB600BCU Grind and Brew Coffee Maker were mostly favourable.  The machine is easy to clean and use, conveniently all in one, and makes great coffee.

The downside is that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, the grinder is noisy, and the coffee is weak when made according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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