Cuisinart DGB900BCU Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


The Cuisinart DGB900BCU coffee maker is a grinder and maker, all in one. With the burr grinder, integrated for convenience, the flavour is enhanced by extracting full body out of your favourite coffee beans. Imagine waking up to the savory aroma of freshly ground and brewing coffee for your morning cup. Having the grinder built in saves room in the kitchen without the need for a separate grinder. This is also perfect for a small office, so the coffee is ready for the employees when they arrive first thing in the morning. Continue Reading »

Gaggia Classic RI8161 Coffee Machine


The Gaggia Classic RI8161 Coffee Machine provides you the chance to choose your coffee simply and easily, whether it’s espresso or cappuccino. Experience an authentic Italian cup of espresso created in the comfort of your own home.  This machine is built to last, and produce professional-quality coffee for years to come. Imagine a professional hot espresso to enjoy each day. The Gaggia Classic embraces this concept by combining form and function with advanced technology. With the Classic RI8161, you are able to bring home coffee house looks, aroma, and flavour. Continue Reading »

Krups KP100240 Coffee Maker Review


The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo by Krups KP100240 coffee machine is a stylish, interesting looking model with a variety of features. These include thermoblock technology, ability to use Nescafe pods (which come in 18 different varieties) and 15 bar pressure. This allows the Krups KP100240 to produce coffee shop quality drinks from the comfort of your own home. The look of the Krups KP100240 coffee machine may not suit all tastes, but it the machine has provide popular amongst those who’ve bought it. Continue Reading »

Cuisinart EM200U Espresso Coffee Maker


The Cuisinart EM200U Espresso Coffee Maker is your answer to long lines at the coffee house.  You will now be able to enjoy a fresh espresso, hot cappuccino, or a delicious latte, without having to go out. This attractive machine will have you sipping your favourite drink in the privacy of your own home, within minutes.  You can also impress your guests with the wonderful aroma, and taste of a specialty coffee, just like the coffee house makes.  This machine has even thought of the tea drinkers, as the nozzle can also create hot water to make your tea.

Cuisinart EM200U Specifications

  • The Cuisinart espresso coffee maker gives you the chance to choose your cup size, depending on your mood at the time.  So, if you want a smaller cup than you did the other day, no problem.
  • The stainless steel frothing arm is quick and easy to use, making a creamy and rich cappuccino, within seconds.
  • Warm your cups up with the built in warming plate, to avoid your hot beverage from cooling down too fast.
  • You won’t have to guess how much water you need, because the generous sized water reservoir is transparent, for easy viewing and filling.
  • Tea drinkers are also taken into consideration with this espresso coffee maker, as the frothing nozzle can also produce hot water for their favourite tea.
  • The drip tray is removable to make the clean up easier.
  • Also included, is a stainless steel milk jug.
  • It has an impressive 15 bar pump for extracting the best flavour.
  • Soft pods can also be utilized with this machine, as well as your favourite brand of coffee.
  • This attractive espresso maker has a stainless steel finish.

Cuisinart EM200U Reviews

There are several online reviews of the Cuisinart EM200U Espresso coffee maker, and most are favourable.  The positive remarks are that it makes a great cup of coffee, easy to use, and makes a decent crema.  Many of them had done a lot of research before purchasing their machine, and are very pleased with their choice in the espresso maker.

Out of the rare negative comments, most are stemming with a faulty machine.  Although before it broke down, they were happy with the beverage it would produce.  The one consistent downside is that the steamer needs to start over each time, which makes the process a little slow, if you need to make more than one at a time.

Russell Hobbs 14899 Platinum Coffee Maker


For all the coffee connoisseurs who love freshly brewed coffee, Russell Hobbs has created the coffee maker for you. The Platinum Grind and Brew 14899 was designed to make sure you get the freshest cup possible.  This coffee maker, with the built-in coffee bean grinder, allows you the option of strength, each time you make it. However, if you are rushed and would prefer a quicker coffee, you can choose to use pre-ground filter coffee as another option. Russell Hobbs has created the Grind and Brew Coffee Maker to be in their Platinum Collection.
Continue Reading »

Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Maker


Russell Hobbs is a brand well known for its innovative styling and quality, for over 5 decades now. So, it’s no surprise that they put some thought into the features of the Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Maker.  It’s crafted in a modern design of mixed polished and brushed stainless steel, which will complement any décor. The digital timer allows you to program the coffee maker the night before, so you can wake to the aromatic fresh pot of your favourite coffee.  By adding those valued minutes to your morning, you can now take the time to enjoy your cup of coffee. Continue Reading »

Morphy Richards 47095


If you like the idea of fresh coffee in the morning then you need a machine with a programmable timer. The Morphy Richards 47095 digital coffee maker has that and more. It is a stylish, almost futuristic looking machine with a maximum capacity of 12 cups of coffee. It also comes with an anti drip device and heat proof carafe. Keep reading for more information about this machine in our Morphy Richards 47095 review. Continue Reading »

Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker


The Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker is suitable for any office or kitchen that requires a quick cup of coffee. This dual-carafe coffee maker is capable of brewing up to 10 cups of quality coffee in only 8 minutes. This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. In addition, the Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker can produce a variety of coffee styles and includes a milk frother that comes equipped with a non-stick milk jug. To keep coffee at the perfect temperature, this coffee maker comes standard with a thermostatic hotplate. An anti-drip device prevents messes and a coffee strength selector allows for the brewing of lattes, mochas, espressos, macchiatos, or cappuccinos.

Continue Reading »

Bialetti Moka Express 3-cup Espresso Maker


The Bialetti Moka Express 3-cup Espresso Maker is one of the most recognizable and cherished espresso makers. In Italy, the First Moka pot was developed by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The classic eight sided design is a unique shape made by Bialetti, also ” The little man with the mustache” is on all authentic Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Makers. This espresso maker produces an excellent cup of espresso, because it is brewed slowly, the flavor is smooth and delicious. Continue Reading »

Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Beverage Maker


The Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Beverage Maker is Bosch’s version of the newest fad in coffee and tea – the single-serve. The logic is this: Why buy a cup of gourmet coffee or tea from Starbucks when you can brew a single cup at home for less than £1? Continue Reading »

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