Cuisinart DGB900BCU Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


The Cuisinart DGB900BCU coffee maker is a grinder and maker, all in one. With the burr grinder, integrated for convenience, the flavour is enhanced by extracting full body out of your favourite coffee beans. Imagine waking up to the savory aroma of freshly ground and brewing coffee for your morning cup. Having the grinder built in saves room in the kitchen without the need for a separate grinder. This is also perfect for a small office, so the coffee is ready for the employees when they arrive first thing in the morning.

Cuisinart DGB900BCU Specifications

  • The generous 12 cup capacity makes the right amount of coffee for the day, for most small dinner parties, or for guests who stop by.
  • Fully programmable with a timer, so you can prepare a pot of freshly ground and brewed pot of filtered coffee ahead of time.
  • The strength control feature allows you to choose the strength you desire for each pot of coffee you make, whether you choose mild, medium, or bold.
  • You can program the Cuisinart DGB900BCU to brew 2 to 12 cups, without sacrificing flavour.  There won’t be any waste, if you only want 2 cups, instead of the full 12 at some point.
  • It’s a classic design, made with brushed stainless steel, and is a great fit for all kitchens.  The brushed stainless is also easier to clean and maintain than some other materials.
  • The burr grinder plate extracts the most flavour from the coffee beans of your choice, making a pot of professional quality coffee in your own home.
  • The carafe is thermal insulated, to keep the coffee warm for hours.  You can enjoy another cup of coffee, without having to reheat it in the microwave.
  • This coffee maker brews the coffee at an optimum 85 to 90 degree temperature at serving.
  • A shut off grind feature allows you to use pre-ground coffee, should you choose to.

Cuisinart DGB900BCU Reviews

There are several online reviews for the Cuisinart DGB900BCU Grind and Brew, with an overall favourable rating.  It is a good value, for the money spent.  Other positive remarks were that it is a well designed coffee maker that makes a great tasting cup of coffee.

However, there seems to be an issue with the carafe, when it comes to pouring the last couple cups of coffee, as it has to be turned over to get it out.

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