De’Longhi ICM2B Filter Coffee Maker


Not all coffee makers perform a hundred different functions and cost a fortune, some simple filter coffee machines just deliver basic coffee for an affordable price. The De’Longhi ICM2B is an example of a filter coffee machine that strips back the art of making coffee to its basics. It costs less than £25 from most shops, yet can still make reasonable coffee. This De’Longhi ICM2B coffee maker review will go through the features of the product, as well as what people have said about it.

De’Longhi ICM2B Filter Coffee Maker Specifications

  • Has a 10 cup capacity, perfect for a social event or if you don’t want to have to repeatedly make coffee all day. It is a black filter coffee maker.
  • A warming plate is provided, along with an option to switch it off should you not want to use it.
  • The feet of the De’Longhi ICM2B coffee maker are designed to be non slip, and there is an anti drip mechanism included.
  • Water window on both sides of the machine so you can quickly see when you need to add more water.
  • Pilot light tells you when the coffee machine is off or on.

As you can tell, the De’Longhi ICM2B is a relatively basic coffee machine, but it may be all that you need. If you want a basic filter maker, then it is a good choice.

De’Longhi ICM2B Reviews

Most people who’ve bought the De’Longhi ICM2B coffee machine are satisfied with the product, although there are a few problems. The machine can brew coffee relatively quickly, which is a bonus, and it isn’t ugly to look at. Some people complain about the strong plastic smell of the De’Longhi ICM2B though, which appears to linger for a long time. The machine is said to be easy to use, and the coffee is good enough for the price.

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