Dualit 84640 Rapido Coffee Maker Review


The Dualit 84640 Rapido coffee maker, with its twin pressure system, allows you to make both espressos (using high pressure) and longer drinks (using the low pressure function). It is a capsule coffee machine with a removable water tank and automatic turn off system. While cheap Dualit 84640 coffee makers are hard to find, the machine is a high quality product that’s capable of producing good quality coffee quickly and easily.

Dualit 84640 Rapido Coffee Machine Specifications

Water Tank1.2L
Warranty (when new)1 year
Pressure15 and 3.5 bar
Key FeaturesTwin Pressure System
Adjustable Temperature Control

  • The unique twin pressure system in the Dualit 84640 coffee maker is probably its biggest selling point. The 15 bar pressure is perfect for making espressos, while other drinks can be made with the much lower 3.5 bar pressure.
  • The coffee machine uses “super sized” capsules. Like other capsule coffee machines, the Dualit 84640 is able to produce a variety of drinks other than coffee such as hot chocolate.
  • Other features include a temperature control, auto descaler and automatic shut off system.
  • The water tank is 1.2 litres and removable.
  • A new Dualit 84640 coffee machine comes with a one year guarantee.
  • Dualit 84640 coffee machines use “Caffitaly” coffee pods which can be bought with several different strength levels and are easy to use.

Dualit 84640 Reviews

There aren’t many reviews of the Dualit 84640 Rapido online, but people who’ve bought the machine seem to be happy with it. It is said to produce high quality espresso, and the ability to make other drinks is a welcome bonus.

One of the few downsides to the Dualit 84640 Rapido is that the capsules it uses can be quite expensive. This isn’t a problem if you’re the occasional coffee drinker, but if you’re an “addict” make sure you factor in the cost of pods into your budget. They can certainly add up over time.

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