Kenwood CM021 kMix Coffee Maker (Raspberry)


The Kenwood CM021 kMix coffee maker, in Raspberry Red, is an attractive filter coffee machine. Although the design is probably the most interesting thing about the kMix, that doesn’t mean it won’t produce a high quality cup of coffee. It includes ThermoGen technology, which Kenwood claim produces exactly the right temperature for brewing coffee. It also uses a one touch system to make brewing a coffee as simple as possible. This Kenwood CM021 kMix review will talk a bit about the product and its features, before moving on to what other reviews have said about it.

Kenwood CM021 kMix Technical Details

  • The stylish design, especially in the striking Raspberry Red, is sure to draw attention to your coffee maker.
  • 1200W power, maximum capacity of six cups and built using a cast aluminium body.
  • ThermoGen system makes it easy to brew a cup of coffee at the right temperature.
  • OptiTemp hot plate allows you to keep your coffee warm without scorching it.
  • One touch control system makes using the Kenwood CM021 kMix relatively easy compared to some other machine.
  • Small and compact design reduces the need for a large amount of work space.
  • Anti drip mechanics reduces the need for cleaning after using the machine.
  • Product comes with paper and permanent filters, as well as a measuring spoon.

Kenwood CM021 kMix Coffee Maker Reviews

If you need a small coffee maker then the Kenwood CM021 kMix is definitely one to consider. The machine is said to brew relatively quickly, and is simple enough that anyone can use it. Some reviewers recommend that a person using the Kenwood CM021 kMix coffee maker should also get a grinder, as this is the best way to get fresh coffee. A downside is the relatively small capacity, although you expect this from a compact machine.

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