Kenwood CM024 Filter Coffee Maker


The Kenwood CM024 is a slightly more expensive model than the CM021 that we reviewed previously, but is it worth the extra money? This coffee machine comes with the highly stylish kMix design, as well as a six cup capacity and long lasting aluminium body. It is a filter coffee maker, and is built for simplicity as well as style. Kenwood CM024 filter coffee makers also include the ThermoGen system.

Kenwood CM024 Description

  • The Kenwood CM024 is a 1200 watt power matching, with a small footprint and a cast aluminium frame and body.
  • It has a maximum capacity of six cups, making it a good personal machine or for a small family. If you want a machine that’s going to be able to provide coffee for large gatherings, then this probably isn’t the model for you.
  • Stylish and distinctive design ensures that it looks great on any work surface.
  • ThermoGen system is included in the Kenwood CM024, which is technology to produce coffee at the perfect temperature. This, according to Kenwood, means you’ll get better tasting coffee every time.
  • Hot plate uses the OptiTemp system for maintaining temperature without ruining the taste.
  • The Kenwood CM024 kMix coffee maker has been designed with simplicity in mind. It has a one touch control button, as well as an anti drip mechanism.

Kenwood CM024 Coffee Maker Reviews

Some of the good points that people who’ve bought the Kenwood CM024 coffee machine have mentioned include that it’s very straightforward to use and is effective at keeping the coffee warm. A lot of reviewers also talk about how compact the coffee machine is, which is great for small kitchens, and that the machine makes the coffee in around two minutes.

Some negative points include that the Kenwood CM024 jug can be quite difficult to open, and that the machine is too small to brew large amounts of coffee.

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