Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker


The Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker is suitable for any office or kitchen that requires a quick cup of coffee. This dual-carafe coffee maker is capable of brewing up to 10 cups of quality coffee in only 8 minutes. This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. In addition, the Morphy Richards Café Rico Combi Coffee Maker can produce a variety of coffee styles and includes a milk frother that comes equipped with a non-stick milk jug. To keep coffee at the perfect temperature, this coffee maker comes standard with a thermostatic hotplate. An anti-drip device prevents messes and a coffee strength selector allows for the brewing of lattes, mochas, espressos, macchiatos, or cappuccinos.

Capacity10 cups
Espresso Capacity6 cups
Types Of CoffeeLatte
Key FeaturesFastbrew (8 minute coffee)
Improved milk frother
Themostatic Hot Plate
Strength Selector

The Morphy Richards Café Rico is one of the cheapest espresso makers around, so you need to be careful it has the features you want. It is a good introductory maker that makes other espresso machines seem complicated, but it isn’t of the same quality as more expensive models. Furthermore, the temperature set forth by this coffee maker allows an excellent blend of flavours to come through into every pot of coffee.


Many users of the Morphy Richards Café Rico model are pleased with its performance. It can present a hot cup of coffee and in even quicker time than most coffee makers. Each component is designed to make clean up easy and relatively quick. Another added benefit noted by reviewers is its stylish design that fits into any decor with ease. Reviews also acknowledge that this coffee maker is reliable and will consistently make great quality coffee for years to come.


Critics argue that the only problem with this coffee maker is the milk frother. Many claim that it does not have enough power to heat up milk to a sufficient temperature. In addition, it generally slower than heating milk up in a pan on a stove top. Additionally, it does not produce a thick foam that is common with frothers and may not be suitable for the advanced coffee drinker who wishes to have excellent steamed milk with their coffee.

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