Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker Review


If you want to buy a simple, yet stylish coffee maker that doesn’t cost a lot of money then the Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker may be the right choice. It is a 1.5L machine, and is available in almond colouring. It is a filter coffee machine, which is why it’s a lot cheaper than some capsule or bean-to-cup makers, but still makes a decent cup of coffee on demand.

Prestige Deco Digital Specifications

  • A stylish almond design means the Prestige Deco will fit in with most kitchens. It has dimensions of 22x22x33cm, and comes with a digital display and timer combination. The design is “retro” inspired, and goes well with similar products form the company such as the Prestige kettle and toaster.
  • The Prestige Deco Digital has a two hour keep warm feature, which is essential if you want to get a few cups out of a single brew. The 1.5L capacity means that you can get 12-15 cups per brew.
  • The filter is easily washable and permanent, while the outer casing is designed to be easy to clean.
  • Anti drip system and indicator of water level are also included.

Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker Reviews

Some of the things that come up in a lot of Prestige Deco Digital reviews include that the coffee tastes strong, the timer is easy to setup and use, and that it looks fantastic. Others have questioned the reliability of the machine, but these buyers seem to be in a minority compared to those who are happy with the coffee maker.

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