Russell Hobbs 13406 Coffee Maker Review


The Russell Hobbs 13406 coffee maker is a stylish, affordable option for those looking for a filter coffee machine. It features a digital clock and timer, allowing you to set when you want your brew to be ready, along with an easy to view water level indicator. Although it lacks many of the features of more expensive coffee machines, the Russell Hobbs 13406digital coffee maker is targeted at people who want to make coffee in a simple, affordable and straightforward way. To buy Russell Hobbs 13406 coffee makers generally costs less than £25, although this depends where you buy from.

Russell Hobbs 13406 Coffee Baker Features

  • The Russell Hobbs 13406 digital clock is one of the products main selling features, as not many machines in this price bracket include one. The inbuilt timer means that if you want to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning then you can easily do so.
  • It is able to brew up to 12 cups at a time, which is larger than many similar coffee machines. The Russell Hobbs 13406 coffee maker also includes an easy view water gauge.
  • You can adjust the machine to control the strength of the coffee.
  • The filter is permanent, and an anti drip valve is included.
  • Also has a keep warm plate, meaning your coffee can stay hot even if you don’t drink it right away.

Russell Hobbs 13406 Review

It is fair to say that many coffee machines in the same price bracket as the Russell Hobbs 13406 are unreliable, as you generally get what you pay for. Although the 13406 isn’t the most durable machine around, it is probably more reliable than other similar models. It is also an attractive machine, meaning that it will suit most people’s kitchen surfaces.

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