Russell Hobbs 14502 12-Cup Coffee Maker (White)


The Russell Hobbs 14502 Essentials coffee maker was created with convenience and quality in mind.  It features a digital timer, so you can prepare your coffee pot to brew your favourite coffee at a later time.  This will give you extra minutes in the morning to sleep in, read the paper, or have another cup of coffee if you wish to.  Dinner parties will be less hectic also, because you can program the coffee maker ahead of time, leaving you more time to prepare the dinner, yourself, or greet and mingle with your guests.  Last minute details can now be less frustrating, thanks to the Russell Hobbs 14502.

Russell Hobbs 14502 Specifications

  • A generous 12 cup capacity allows you to make a large pot of coffee for the day.  Also, if you have company over, this is the perfect size to serve them a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
  • There is a strength control feature in the Russell Hobbs Essentials Coffee Maker, allowing you to adjust the amount of coffee you brew each time, without sacrificing taste and strength.
  • A permanent filter eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, which will save you money and time at the store.
  • The anti-drip mechanism prevents messy drippings when you pour yourself a cup of coffee during the brewing stage.
  • A built in warming plate keeps the freshly brewed pot of coffee warm for a couple hours after it’s done brewing.  You won’t have to reheat the coffee, if you decide to have another cup.
  • An automatic shut off turns the coffee maker off for you, 2 hours after the brewing process is complete.  This gives you peace of mind when you leave the home, knowing it will shut off, if you forgot to manually turn it off.
  • There is a water level indicator in the water reservoir, conveniently located on the coffee maker’s side for easy viewing and filling.
  • The digital timer is easy to use, and allows you to have a fresh pot of coffee, at a later time.

Russell Hobbs 14502 Reviews

There weren’t many reviews on the Russell Hobbs 14502 12-Cup Essentials Coffee Maker, so getting an accurate view on consumer’s opinions is difficult.

All the added features exceeded consumer’s expectations, such as the timer, automatic shut off, and strength control.  However, not all consumers need these sorts of features.

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