Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Maker


Russell Hobbs is a brand well known for its innovative styling and quality, for over 5 decades now. So, it’s no surprise that they put some thought into the features of the Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Maker.  It’s crafted in a modern design of mixed polished and brushed stainless steel, which will complement any décor. The digital timer allows you to program the coffee maker the night before, so you can wake to the aromatic fresh pot of your favourite coffee.  By adding those valued minutes to your morning, you can now take the time to enjoy your cup of coffee.

Russell Hobbs 14597 Specifications

Capacity8-10 cups
Power Cord770mm
ExtrasGlass Jug
Key Features24 hour programmable timer
Warming Plate
Two hour shut off system

Here are some of the main features of the 14597:

  • The 8-10 cup capacity is the perfect size for a daily pot of coffee, or for an afternoon guest. It’s also the right amount of coffee for a small dinner party.
  • A digital timer allows you to program your coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The automatic shutoff feature is built-in safety, turning the coffee maker off for you 2 hours after it‘s done brewing.  This will ease your fears of accidently leaving the pot on when leaving for the day.
  • The warming plate keeps the coffee warm after it is done brewing, yet shuts down automatically after 2 hours for your convenience, and safety.
  • The Russell Hobbs 14597 also has an anti-drip feature, which allows you to easily pour yourself a cup of coffee during the brewing stage.  Having this feature helps to eliminate burned drippings on the hotplate, and stains on the counter.
  • The water level indicator is strategically located on the side of the coffee maker.  By placing it in a location that is easier to reach, it eases the process of filling the water reservoir.

Russell Hobbs 14597 Reviews

Reading the online reviews by the consumers of the Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Maker, the ratings range from mediocre, to not favorable at all.

The pros for this particular coffee maker are the ease of use, and that it looks great.  The speed of the brewing process is also a plus, as well as the cost.

The downside is more vocal with specifics, such as the carafe is too thin and fragile.  Also, the lid only opens 90 degrees, which makes filling the water reservoir difficult and messy.  The complaint most written about is that the filter leaves a plastic taste in the coffee, until it’s used, or cleaned thoroughly.

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