Russell Hobbs 14899 Platinum Coffee Maker


For all the coffee connoisseurs who love freshly brewed coffee, Russell Hobbs has created the coffee maker for you. The Platinum Grind and Brew 14899 was designed to make sure you get the freshest cup possible.  This coffee maker, with the built-in coffee bean grinder, allows you the option of strength, each time you make it. However, if you are rushed and would prefer a quicker coffee, you can choose to use pre-ground filter coffee as another option. Russell Hobbs has created the Grind and Brew Coffee Maker to be in their Platinum Collection.

Russell Hobbs 14899 Specifications


Here’s a selection of some of the coffee makers key features:

  • Select your own strength of coffee with the Platinum Grind and Brew.  This coffee maker allows you to pick your own strength, anywhere from very light to bold, each day.
  • The coffee mill is attached directly to the coffee maker, eliminating the need to find space for yet another appliance to grind your favourite coffee beans.
  • The Russell Hobbs also features an easy-to-clean permanent filter, for the times you prefer to use pre-ground coffee.  Having a permanent filter saves you money and time, as there isn’t a need for disposable paper filters.
  • The Platinum Grind and Brew coffee maker has a digital timer, which you can set to your specific needs.  Set the timer the night before, to wake up to the scent of your favourite coffee floating through the home.  This easy to use feature will allow you a few more minutes of sleep, a quicker start to your morning, or even an extra cup.
  • The anti-drip valve allows you 20 seconds to pour yourself a cup of hot drink during the brewing stage, without dripping on the hotplate, or counter.
  • The Russell Hobbs 14889 features a hotplate, which keeps the freshly brewed coffee warm for hours.  This gives you the opportunity for another coffee a couple hours later, without having to warm it up.

Russell Hobbs 14899 Reviews

There are only a few online reviews for the Russell Hobbs 14899 Platinum Grind and Brew Coffee Maker.  Out of those reviews, most of the consumers seem to be impressed with this particular coffee maker.

The positive comments are that it’s easy to clean, makes a great tasting coffee, and is stylish.  The strength options for grinding are also well liked.

The complaints are rare, but consist of that the coffee does not get hot enough, and the operational buttons are complex.

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