Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill


Grind your own coffee beans at home, with this durable stainless steel Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill.  Freshly ground coffee will enhance your coffee experience and bring it to the next level.  You will now be able to experience a variety of different coffees and specialty coffees in your own home with the right machine, because you can adjust the coarseness to suit the need for any drink you choose to experience.

Burr Coffee Mill Specifications

  • The burr blades of this durable and heavy-duty grinder enhance the flavour, as well as the aroma when you grind your favourite coffee beans.
  • Select the coarseness of your coffee with the 18 different settings offered with the built in grind selector.  Grind the beans to a fine texture to use in your espresso machine.  Or, for your cafetiere, grind the beans more coarse. For a simple great cup of coffee, grind them in between to use in your filter coffee machine.  The choices are many, with the selections available.
  • This Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill also allows you to choose the amount of cups, with the cup quantity feature, which turns off automatically to avoid burning the coffee grounds.
  • The generously sized mill holds up to ½ pound, or 250g of coffee beans.
  • The housing material of this coffee mill consists of brushed stainless steel, making this a durable piece of equipment, to meet your coffee needs for a long time.
  • Some of the parts are removable, and dishwasher safe for your convenience.
  • The burr coffee mill has a wide range 4 to 18 cup capacity.
  • This coffee mill is easy to use, due to its automatic features.  Place the beans in the mill, choose the desired coarseness, the number of cups you want, and then press the start button.  It’s really that simple.
  • Cuisinart products are built to last, which is why a 5 year guarantee is offered.

Burr Coffee Mill Reviews

There are plenty of online reviews of the Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill which is helpful for getting an accurate picture of how consumers view this product. With the auto shut off, you can walk away and not worry about burning the coffee.  Being able to choose the coarseness, its affordability, and that it’s easy to fill, are other positive comments.

The rare complaints are fairly consistent, with those who love their espresso are disappointed that it does not grind the coffee beans fine enough.

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