Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo Coffee Maker


If you’re looking for a simple solution for making a variety of drinks then consider the Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo coffee maker. It is a pod coffee machine that’s capable of making drinks at the push of a button. Features include a fast heating system, 12 different capsules available and a two year guarantee. Keep reading our Bosch TAS4012GB review for more information about the product and how it has been received.

Bosch TAS4012GB Features

  • The Bosch TAS4012GB is capable of automatically preparing fresh drinks with a single push of a button. If you’re looking for an easy way to make coffee or other drinks then the Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo may be a good choice.
  • The Bosch TAS4012GB is a pod/capsule coffee machine. This means that you need to buy separate capsules in order to make the various types of drink. Varieties available for the Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo coffee maker include cafe crema, espresso and hot chocolate. The coffee machine recognises which type of drink you’re trying to make with a bar code system.
  • A problem with other types of coffee machine is how long the liquid takes to heat up. The Bosch TAS4012GB has a flow heating system which means the drinks heat up very quickly.
  • A bonus is that the Bosch TAS4012GB coffee maker comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturer. Make sure you check out the details of this before you buy, though.

Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo Reviews

Reviews of the Bosch TAS4012GB have generally been very good. The majority of people who’ve bought the coffee machine have been happy with the product and the coffee it produces. Examples of good comments about the Bosch TAS4012GB by reviewers include that it’s very simple to use, capable of making drinks relatively quickly and is capable of altering the drink strength based on your personal taste. Some reviewers also mention that the TAS4012GB Tassimo looks good in their kitchen.

As with all coffee makers there are some negative things said in Bosch TAS4012GB Tassimo coffee maker reviews. These include that the discs can sometimes explode, and that the machine can be noisy when making drinks.

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